July 2023 Yoga Calendar

It’s time for a new yoga calendar! Here is what’s coming in July:

  • Easy Mondays: Start your week with simple, 10-minute yoga stretch routines that set the tone for the days ahead.
  • No mat Wednesdays:  Battle the mid-week fatigue with a standing or seated practice that requires no yoga mat. It’s yoga that fits into your busy schedule and any space.
  • Longer Weekends: Saturdays are for longer and more challenging 25-30 minute sessions. If you find these videos too demanding, try repeating one of your favorite videos from the week instead.
  • New videos will go live on Sundays at 12 pm, German time.
  • After last month’s 45-minute class, I’ve received many requests for longer videos. I will try to create some in the future, but if you haven’t seen it yet, I have a YouTube playlist with longer(25-35 min) sessions you can try out.
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