yoga with uliana chaikovska online

Hi! Namaste! Hallo! Привіт! Привет! 

I’m Uliana, nice to meet you here!

I teach yoga online to thousands of people from all over the world on my Youtube channel and in online classes.

My own yoga journey started a few years ago with Youtube. I have never been flexible and strong and I didn’t like working out at all. As a teenager, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and many sports and physical activities became a no-go. I went to physical therapy for a few years and that was the most physical exercise I’ve done until my mid-20’s.

I tried to start working out as an adult but couldn’t find anything that I would enjoy. Yoga was something I wanted to try for a long time but I couldn’t find local classes that worked for my schedule and budget. Finally one day I stopped making excuses, searched for “yoga for beginners” on Youtube, and started practicing at home. Best decision ever :)

When I started practicing yoga, it was like something suddenly clicked. Many poses were hard for me at first, I often struggled to follow along as a beginner, yet I felt better than ever before. I didn’t even have to push myself to practice, I enjoyed it so much that I kept practicing every day.

With yoga, I finally found the joy of moving my body again. Soon after that I started to feel how physical practice on the mat influenced my everyday life. I learned a more sustainable way to deal with stress and anxiety, make conscious choices, and be present in the moment. I’ve always been an emotional eater and yoga helped me to take control of my cravings and become a more mindful eater. 

Later I decided to change my career (I was teaching German online at that time) and become a yoga teacher. I went to India for my first 200 h yoga teacher training and keep attending courses and workshops that help me to develop as a yoga teacher.

But if it wasn’t for those free yoga videos on Youtube, perhaps I would never start practicing yoga. That’s why I’m passionate about teaching yoga online, sharing my love for yoga with people from all over the world, helping beginners start and develop a sustainable practice and experience the benefits of yoga on and off the mat.



  • Certified 200 h Yoga Teacher in Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga – Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School, India
  • Continuing Education Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Trained – Sadie Nardini, online
  • Yoga for Sedentary Lifestyles Certification Course – online
  • Personal Trainer – Akademie für Sport und Gesundheit, Saarbrücken