Uliana Chaikovska yoga teacher about Yoga with Uliana

Hi! Namaste! Hallo! Привіт! Привет!

I’m Uliana, a yoga teacher based in Germany. I believe practicing yoga is a simple way to stay healthy and happy and I’m on a mission to help others find an easy way to practice yoga and improve their lives.

I teach yoga online to thousands of people from all over the world on my Youtube channel, online programs and private classes, and also in-person in Saarbrücken, Germany.

My own yoga journey started with Youtube. I have never been flexible and strong and I didn’t like working out at all. As a teenager, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and many sports and physical activities became a no-go. I went to physical therapy for a few years and that was the most physical exercise I’ve done until my mid-20’s.

I tried to start working out as an adult but couldn’t find anything that I would enjoy. Yoga was something I wanted to try for a long time but I couldn’t find local classes that worked for my schedule and budget, so I kept putting it off. Finally one day I stopped making excuses, searched for “yoga for beginners” on Youtube, and started practicing at home. Best decision ever :)

Many poses were hard at first, I often struggled to follow along as a beginner, had to stop videos to take breaks, yet at the end of each practice I felt better than ever before. I finally found the joy of moving again. Seeing my body change on the outside was a nice bonus but the inner feeling of lightness, calm and peace was my biggest motivation to keep practicing. With yoga, I learned a more sustainable way to deal with stress and anxiety, make conscious choices, and be present in the moment.

I wanted to share the impact yoga had on my life so I decided to become a yoga teacher. I went to India for my first 200 h yoga teacher training in 2019 and keep attending courses and workshops that help me to develop as a yoga teacher.

But if it wasn’t for those free yoga videos on Youtube, perhaps I would never start practicing yoga.

My goal is to create simple, easy-to-follow yoga classes that you can do anywhere to experience the benefits of yoga – at home, in the office, outside on the beach, or in the park.


  • Certified 200 h Yoga Teacher in Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga – Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School, India
  • “Preventing & Managing Common Yoga Injuries” continuing education training with Jason Crandell
  • Continuing Education Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Trained with Sadie Nardini
  • “Basics of Adjustment” continuing education training with Jeanette Schweizer
  • Personal Trainer – Akademie für Sport und Gesundheit, Saarbrücken