I offer corporate yoga classes in and around Saarbrücken. Language of instruction: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian.

Workplace Yoga is the skillful adaptation of the practices of yoga to achieve desired results in a workplace setting. It utilizes stretching, breathing, and concentration exercises to:

  • Relieve and prevent pain
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve posture and productivity
  • Increase energy and focus

Classes are tailored to meet the needs, limitations, and goals of your organization and team. Some ideas on how the class at a workplace might look like:

  • 15-20 minute yoga break – no need for a yoga mat and change of clothes, exercises are done in a standing position and/or on a chair, may include breathing and meditation exercises.
  • 30 minute yoga class – with or without a yoga mat, change of clothes not required, a chair may be used as a prop, includes breathing and meditation exercises.
  • 45-60 minute yoga class – similar to a regular yoga class, participants need comfortable clothes and a yoga mat, exercises target the parts of the body that are particularly at risk for office employees, includes breathing and relaxation exercises.