5 min Morning Mindfulness Meditation + Free Printable Journal Prompt PDF

This short morning meditation will help you start the day with more clarity and mindfulness. You can use this guided mediation on its own or combine it with journaling practice and reflect on your experience.

During the meditation, you are asked to bring awareness to your breath, body, and mind. Sometimes it is difficult for beginners to understand what exactly to pay attention to and what sensations to look for. So here are some examples of what you might notice as you reflect on your breath quality, physical body, and state of mind.

How is your breath today?

  • Are inhales and exhales of the same length?
  • Are you breathing in and out through the nose and/or mouth?
  • Is your breathing shallow(chest breathing) or deep (belly breathing)?
  • Which subtle movement of the body you can notice when you breathe (ribs expand, chest and shoulders lift on the inhale, belly contracts on the exhale, cold air moving through nostrils with inhale, warm air leaving the body with exhale etc)

How do you feel in your physical body?

  • The body is tired/exhausted/full of energy/rested?
  • Is it hard for you to stay still during meditation? Is your position comfortable? If not, where exactly in the body do you feel discomfort/tension/tightness?
  • Do you feel tightness/tension/pressure/tingling somewhere in the body(tension in the area between eyebrows, in the jaw, shoulders/tightness in the lower back, hips/neck etc)?

What thoughts & emotions came to your mind during meditation?

  • Are you able to be “in the now” or is your mind flooded with thoughts about the past/future? What are those thoughts?
  • What emotions are present for you today (fear, sadness, joy, anticipation, anger, worry, gratitude etc)?
  • Can you detach yourself from your thoughts and simply observe them or do you feel overwhelmed?

These are just some examples of what you might experience while meditating. Remember, each person is different and every day is different.

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