14 Days Beginner Yoga For Flexibility

This beginner-friendly 14 days yoga for flexibility plan (with an optional day 15 :) is a collection of free videos from my Youtube channel that focus on stretching and improving flexibility.

Some ideas on how to use this calendar:

  • Use it after 21 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge to continue your practice if improving flexibility is your main goal.
  • Practice along with this plan at your own pace whether it’s every day or 5-3 times a week – find the schedule that works for you.
  • You can practice the videos on their own or use them as a cool down after a more intense workout like HIIT, running, cardio or weight training – stretching feels great when your body is warmed up after a workout.
  • All these videos also work nicely as a part of after-work or evening routine –  our bodies get more flexible throughout the day, that’s why stretching often feels best in the afternoon or evening.
  • But of course, you can do all these videos in the morning as well, just listen to your body, be mindful that it can be a bit stiff after sleep, and don’t push yourself too hard into poses.
  • Repeat the calendar as many times as you like or pick and choose your favorite videos and make your own plan.

Download 14 Days Beginner Yoga For Flexibility Calendar PDF

  • Thumbnail pictures and titles in this PDF are clickable and will take you directly to Youtube
  • or bookmark this page and use the links below to access videos.
Beginner Yoga For Flexibility Program
14 Days Beginner Yoga For Flexibility Calendar